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Field Mappings



  • Tyson Franco

    Can we add this to tags as well? 

    Our situation is we use Tags due to their ease of use, but this data is hard to view in column form. Since tags in column views show all tags, the more tags the harder it gets to decipher. Yet my team uses Tags a lot cause of it's ease of use vs jumping in the list of fields to fill out a file. What would be nice is if we had the ability to set a certain tag section with a set of options and map these options/tags/answers to the contact files so we can see this in column form.

    An example I want to look at a company, then the contacts within the company. From here I see all the contacts at the company, and would also like to see at this level the departments these contacts are in... so I can see if this company has been networked fully or not. 

    More examples would be such as Citizenship tag.. quickly hit the US Citizen and BAM it goes in the primary record section and is now a column that is sortable!! oh how nice this would be.


  • Mark Rodman

    +1 on Tyson’s inquiry/request


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